Merge Town! 应用的评论


Ok idle game but ads getting invasive

Was ok game for idle moments even with having to watch ads once in a while. But now the ads are getting more invasive and automatically moving away from the app instead of just playing an advert taking me to web pages and app pages for things I don’t want.

Too many ads!

It’s just ad after ad after ad and it’s super annoying, please lower the ads


I gave four stars because I knew a method that woud remove all the ads, the method is to turn off wi-fi, but I don't like when I have to switch wi-fi on and off, on and off, on and off.

Too much ads

It’s an okay games but there is a ridiculous amount of ads. It’s to much to the point that I don’t even want to play the game anymore

Needs more levels

I think you should add more like maybe a city or something


this game is terrible i hate it it takes too long to level up a house

Michael Corbo

This game is great it is fun like merge dragons it is addictive to just for houses to the people that made this game keep up the good work in achieving your dream to make video games

This isn’t a game

This is a video player that does nothing but play ads all day. Open the game: Ad Go to the menu: Ad Go to the shop: Ad Go to options: Ad Click ANYTHING: Ad Ads on the top of the game the whole time. This is a barely passable game which the idle gameplay elements aren’t fun and they want nothing more than to shove a ton of ads in your face.


Cool math game

Merge Town!

It's cool

Seemed fun...

Seemed like a typical tap tap kind of game. Decided to try it out. It keeps you entertained, but it gets boring very quickly. I mean gameplay is straightforward. Works to kill time, but the problem are the overwhelming number of ads. Short ads of 5 seconds mind you, but constant and almost every time you want to click on anything. Click to buy new houses, you get an ad. Click to change town, you get an ad. It’s not one ad every so often. It’s an ad about every minute or less. You really can’t switch towns more than 3 times without getting 2 ads in the process. I mean really, that’s too many, I would think. So thanks but no thanks. Uninstalling now.

Fun but...

The game is fun. But can’t tell you how disappointing that your told when you buy an upgrade the ads are removed. I bought three and the ads are still there. I’m gonna take up it up with iTunes for a refund.

The best game ever

This game is so fun and you need to add that when the box loads it needs to load faster plz fix plz update plz plz make this game even funnier 😍😍😍

Great game, lots of ads

This game is so much fun, and I love the anticipation of what your next building will be! But Merge town has WAY too many ads. Every time you click on something there is an ad for some game no one cares about. The game is super fun tho!!

2 things

1 WAY TOO MANY ADS 2 IN WINTERLAND the buildings freeze to fast i go for 10 min to play other things or live MY LIFE and i went back and EVERY FRICKIN BUILDING WAS FROZEN


It's really bad. Too many ads

Sooooo guuuud


Download at your own risk. LOL

Sooo addictive. I can’t stop merging.

I’m surprised I liked it

It looked like a lame game that I would quickly delete but it is strangely fun. It has a bit of Zen in it.

Very Fun Game!

I just got this game and I’m already enjoying it!

Pops ups Ads without asking or warning


Hear me out

This game is ok, except for the winter town. Every time I get a new high-level building, it freezes it like 1 hour, witch is sooooo stupid.

If I could give it 0 stars I would 😡

Every time I go to get a new building there’s an ad ! 😡


Cool game


ان العبه راىعه لكن ان تكون المال اكثر وافققم الله

Great Update!

This was a solid update, Ads work again and having a new town to play in is great!

Love it

I love this game it has lots of stuff added! Its like Merge Dragons wow, its so awesome i like it more, i am going to play it every single day.

Crashes Instantly

As soon as I open up the app it crashes. I got the game while it was in the last update and it also crashed then. I have an iPhone 4 so maybe that has something to do with it. Anyways, you need to fix this!


Okay, I saw this in a ad that had a demo and I was like,”Hey, this is pretty fun”. Then I downloaded it and I LOVED it. It had ads when I went back and forth to sunsetland and Greenland but I loved it so I bought no ads. I also bought some money and upgraded my boxes. THIS GAME IS AWESOME AND I RECOMMEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Very addicting

This game is great. I got addicted to it the moment I started playing. It looks so smooth and amazing. I hope you get this free game and enjoy it.

Download. Now!

Get this game! It’s so fun and addicting. (Although if you have a busy life DON’T GET THIS because it will take up all your time.) I love how there’s separate worlds, and how you earn stuff just by not being in the app! Everyone says “ugh, too many ads” but there’s not that many. Plus, you can purchase no ads. I’m having so much fun! Level 14 in Greenland and I’ve been playing for two hours nonstop.


Ive had this game for a day and I'm Already at level 16 for Greenland and level 11 for sunsetland, and I'm super excited about unlocking Winterland!I love how many different buildings you can unlock and I also love how I will come back from playing another game and both worlds will be full of boxes and I can open them and keep playing!And I get so excited when I discover a new building!most of the reviews will complain about the ads but they really don't bother me!I love everything about this game and I would love if you kept making updates! (a cool feature is you could press and hold to speed up the boxes and another cool thing is that you could spend in-game currency to get box upgrades instead of using real money!)THIS GAME IS MY FAVORITE GAME!

Really addicting but too many ads

I absolutely love this game but it has too many ads but when I’m in a place with no WiFi then there are no ads so please fix this game and get rid of some ads I apologize for complaining I just get so mad when there are 500 ads every minute thank you for reading this and thanks for a fun game (Please no more ads 👎🏻)



I love this game ❤️❤️

I think this game is fun and I could Play it all day I would recommend this game for teens and for just people over the age of 8 and I fell like I can not take my fingers of this game❤️❤️❤️

So any ads

Recently the amount of ads that play is ridiculous

iOS update deleted my progress

Had to start from scratch

Best game

It is said to have many ads but I only had them pop up a few times. Very addictive you should download

It’s ok

I would of rated it 5 stars but ads are not fun

Its ok

A lot of ads and the boxes fill up easily, but just get evolution. No ads and better game

Kind of boring

Basically you just match up the houses to get bigger houses and you don’t really don’t do much except that.

Merge town

It is my favorite game in the history of the world. Buy it or else I will write a bad review to your parents!!!!! Merge town. Remember that name and buy it now.

Great app

This is an amazing app, I love just about everything about it. But there are a few annoying things. One thing i love is that you can easily just start merging in a combo easily and fluidly, one thing stopping that is the mystery boxes, it has an entire animation which takes a few seconds, that really just stops people from being able to keep it fluid and after awhile the mystery boxes kind of become a task rather than something you’re looking forward to.

Obnoxious ads

You can’t even play with the game for more than a few seconds without an ad popping up. They make it purposely annoying with all of the ads in order to force you to spend $3-4 just to play the game. And the game itself is not even worth that price to play.

Would be fun but

When you spend more time watching ads than playing the game, it’s time to move on.

I love it

I love it

Merge your love

Merge town is very cool and I love it so much it's awesome - Gabriella is the best

The best app

It is amazing I got you last week of gotten like 10 adds It’s so cool

Fun at first but the ads...

I played for about 2 mins until there was a porn ad and I deleted it so fast DO NOT GET

Battery issues

This game is really fun! It’s too bad that the ad spam means you have to disconnect WiFi and cell data to really play, but the worst part is that it was on my screen for 2.4 hours and it used 44% of my battery. I have literally never used an app that takes up so much battery. If this issue is fixed I will probably redownload the app.

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