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This is the worst app

Do not get this app it is so annoying Don't wast your time with this app go play hay day


There are way too many adds! I payed 2$ to get rid of ads and it is a lot better. This game is great and I recommend this game. It's also very addictive. 👌🏻👏🏻👍🏻


I love merge town it is so fun! You set goals for your self 📽🎥📽🎥📽📞📽📞📽📺📽📺🎙📺🎙📽🎙📞📻🎥📻🎥📟🎞🎥🎙📽📞🎥🎞🎥🎞🎥📟📽📞📽🎙📽🎙📽🎙📽📠📽📞📽🎥📽📟📸🎥📸🎥📟📸📠📞☎️🎙📷🎥🕰📠📽🎥⏱🎛🎚⏱🎛💡🔋⏲⏱🎛🔌📡🕯🎛📡⏲💸🎚🎛💸💶🔋🎛🗑🔦⏱🔦🕰💷🔦⏲⏱⏰🔋⌛️💸🔋🔌💳⏰🔋⏲🔌⏱🎛💸🔌📡⏲⏱⏰💸🔋⏰🔌⏲⏰🔋🕰📡⏰📡⏲🕯⏱📡🔌⏲🔋⏲💸🎛💳🔋⏲🎛⏱💳🔋🎛💡🔋⏲⏱💎📡


At first this app seemed good, you just keep adding the houses to make bigger houses. But that only lasted about 2 seconds as I discovered the amount of ads. I was hoping for some kind of upgrade so you can make the crates go faster or make better houses, but you have to pay money for it. There are ads around every corner and all they want is money. This had a lot of potential but they just wasted it.


This game is a Edina something I can just fidget with so ye

Interesting game, but WAY too many pop up ads

The game would be good if you had 75% less ads and a better leveling up structure. First off, the adds are really pushed in your face. To "lvl up" or even to just use the game Interface. There's a Shop tab you can click to buy upgraded houses and when you do, 3/5 times it prompts an ad. Every tab you use in game can prompt an ad, so you spend more time watching ads then actually playing. The concept of this game is interesting, but the leveling structure is a bit off. Each new house you get will take an exponential amount of time to get. You start with one house, the second house takes 2 houses to make, third house takes 4, fourth house takes 8 and so on. The house I'm on right now is taking me 8,192 houses to unlock. Houses take 10 seconds to "spawn in" and I can only have a max of 19 buildings in my town at once.


The game is good, original, and really addictive, but an add pups up every minute (almost literally). I wish there were less adds

It’s literally just tapping - - over & over & over

How I lasted 15 minutes of this is beyond me, or even the universe, to comprehend. If I come across any naughty children I’ll have them plod through this painful chore of senseless nothingness. Try Merge Dragons by the same dev - it’s as amazing as this is awful.

Add exsits everywhere

I know that you guys need ad to develop more things, but there is so much ad and I cannot focus on the game. It was bad experience.

נועה קדש

כל הזמן קופצים לי סרטונים ולא כיף לשחק שיש כל רגע סרטון או מודעה חוץ מי זה כיף


It’s just amazing and the longer I’ve play is for and 1 hour and 30 min

This game is so addictive

I love this game so much and I've never had any problems with it except for the adds but you can skip through them.

Way Too Many Ads

This is a cute time killing game that I really actually enjoy playing. But there are way too many ads. You get an ad every 15-30 seconds and you have to watch anywhere from 5-30 seconds of the ad depending on if it has a skip function and how long you have to wait to use it. It takes all the enjoyment out of a fidget app. Unless you want to pay for the app (which I don’t think it’s worth paying for) then you might as well not bother with it.


Really fun game but needs to be upgraded.


I LOVE this

Good but

I like the game it’s amazing but the only thing is the ads there are tooo many ads when I open then house shop a ad pops up every 10 minutes a ad pops up it’s the only flaw chill with the ads

I’d give it 0 stars if I could.

So lxxxv wrote a very informative review on this game so I won’t hash it out again, but the ads in this game are rather frustrating. Every time you open the buy houses menu (that you would buy with in game currency) it toggles a pop up with a video. It makes it too complicated to even navigate through the on screen menus. You’ll have more fun with those cow merge games, they don’t have the ads that shouldn’t be with these sorts of ‘fidget’ games.




Ignore every good review, they just reviewed it before they hated it, because the game COULD be that good. The ratings just show the potential it has, keep playing and everyone who rates it high will rate it low. The game punishes you for playing it. Its okay to be punished for dying, but imagine flappy birds giving you and add before you can make it through a pipe. Its not a game, because gameplay is broken. Its a carrot on a stick. Its a middle finger. The problem isn't the adds. Adds to upgrade your house are fine. The problem is some adds are anti gaming and there is a reason games aren't built like this. Its the only addictive game in the world that makes you unable to play it no matter how much you want to; that is why the good reviews are so misleading, they haven't been anti addicted yet. Just ignore them, its just the first impression, no one likes this game for long, not the people who like it the most anyway. See in every other game in the world, if you earn gold coins, you can spend your coins. You already earned the right to buy a house with the coins you purchased with your time and earned by playing the game, BUT NO: CONGRATULATIONS, YOU CONTRACTED ADDS! Thats only funny the first 20 times, then you start wishing there was a ripoff because the game would be so good if an idiot didn't make the game. like voodoo is so dumb that he can make a good game bad. It breaks your emersion. You can not have fun while playing this game beyond the first hour, when you instantly fall in love. It is anti-addictive. One day voodoo is going to wake up and realize 1: any game with voodoo is a game not worth trying and 2 only the copycats make it big where for everyone else in the whole wide world gets a diminishing fraction of the what the original gets 3 he such an idiot that no matter what good idea he gets, he ruins. You NEVER put an add in front of something the player wants to do other than trying again if you die. Imagine playing flappy birds, where you get an add when you make it through a pipe. Its no fun. You cant even play the game. The adds are good and desired when you get a gift letting you save tons of time and double a house over and over again. But how dare you play the game. Touch one box and you cant buy a house. If casinos copied this game's design, the most hardened gamblers would eventually quit gambling. This game is so bad the adds are more fun than the gameplay, because of adds. What is wrong with you voodoo?

Way too many ads

Starts to become unplayable

Okay game

So this game was really addicting and fun at first for like a week then it just got really boring because it would take forever to get new house and I think they should add more towns


Deez nuts

The ads are not a problem

Everyone leaving a one star review either doesn't know they can't turn on airplane mode to get ride of ads or doesn't want to be nice and donate a small amount to get rid of ads. Great game, really addicting

What now

I’ve beat this game, all my spaces are full, and I’ve got nothing left to merge. Now what do I do?


Two things 1. The game triggers an ad what feels like every 30 seconds so it becomes a game of click wait thirty seconds, click, wait thirty seconds. 2. It drains battery like no other I'm at 90% and an hour later I get a 20% battery remaining notification


I like it

Fun, until you can’t even anymore

I enjoyed this game a lot! I was a little disappointed when I reached the max building but kept on. Now I’m stuck with no land and no matches :(


4 stars will say AWESOME lil bit of ads though but I'm used to it ;)

Get iPhone X support

Phones been out for over a week and still most apps don’t support it, this one you can’t see your coins and such because the ad banner covers them and the app doesn’t fill the screen. Please fix it

Love it ❤️

It's so fun to play this game i love this game the best at of all my games

Too many ads to enjoy the game

So frustrating to see an ad after clicking one button.

Ojang has been the gingerbread man loose in the night of death

I love you too and you are so much better and to be able to be a good person and you can not get the chance for a good night man you will love me you will be my love and my heart is for you.

So many ads

Random ads at any time

Great Game

This game is the best game ever! Although there are a lot of adds, just turn off your WiFi!


I would rate this a 5 Star but there are TOO MANY ADS. Whenever I move to another town, ad. Pull up the menu bar, ad. Get a bigger house, CONGRATULATIONS! Ad. merge town is super fun but seriously, ENOUGH with the ADS. Congratulations merge town! You have turned your fun fun game into an advertisement center.


This game is so addictive


This is a fun way to pass time


Be careful! If you aren’t careful once you max out your houses and aren’t paying attention you could end up like me! I can’t make any more moves because I accidentally left myself without any matches. Hopefully they put out new houses soon so I can get unstuck.


It wont load and i super frustrated and i hate it!!!! I just want to play the game

😘😘so addicting

It is so addicting my phone dies every day thank you so much for creating this app

Max out

I agree with all other complaints in these reviews but stuck it out because I enjoyed the game. Unfortunately, I got stuck with so many houses at “max” level, that I ran out of moves. No “game over” indicator or option to reset/restart; just stuck. I contacted support 3 times over the course of 3 weeks for advice/insight but never got any sort of response. Just the heads up that an update would provide higher levels would have kept me on board. I would have waited however long. I ultimately uninstalled the game due to their inability to respond and since they are unwilling to provide customer support, I will not download any other games from this developer.

Cute game ruined by Ads

This game is overloaded with ads — any game click can result in a full screen unskippable video ad with sound Many games give you the option to watch an ad to get ahead faster or for a reward. This game throws video advertisements at you ALL THE TIME.

More ad watching than game playing

Every time the player changes the screen or buys houses, or collects bonuses... you are FORCED TO WATCH ADS!!!! I am deleting my game (I had played on it for 3 hours) because I have probably watched 45 mins of ads. If you think I’m kidding, download the game yourself. Holy cow! It’s sad, I really like the game! But I will never re-download it ONLY because of all the ads.

Sooooooo good

It's just like building houses but it's kind a hard to get other House so it's just so much fun so that's my that's my opinion but you should probably download it is super fun and thank you for reading this I think they should upgrade it so it is the box should go faster so ya


this game is fun at first... but soon enough, the ridiculous amount of ads that play any time you do anything ruin the game. And that wouldn’t be real torture on its own, if these ads were just normal videos, but for whatever reason, instead the ads that play are almost always interactive in one way or another, and don’t tell you how much time is left before you can get away. This is literally a form of torture. I’m not even kidding. And the worst part is that the mystery boxes will always say, “watch an ad to upgrade?” and I’ll always do it because of I don’t it will take forever to make any progress in the game. Oh, also it is to hard to stop playing this game for me to stop. Overall, it would be a fun game if you didn’t have to deal with these types of ads. And yes, I am aware that if you buy something it will remove ads, but that wouldn’t fully solve the problem. I think if you just couldn’t upgrade the houses you get from mystery boxes you get it would be fine.

Pretty boring

I played a good amount, but overall the gameplay was too simple and slow to really get into, maybe if there were more mechanics and maybe even rewards/mission for completing home or whatever it is, I’d say something different, but as is, it’s just boring to play

Gets Boring Fast

Cute concept, cute design, but since you can never upgrade your starting box/house it takes forever to upgrade and merge. Started playing it only 5 minutes ago, and got bored with how long it took to discover new houses. Not to mention an ad plays every 5 seconds. Meh.

Ads. Ads. Ads.

Ads to get bigger houses. Ads to upgrade your houses. Ads for more space. Ads to get to the menu. Ads.

Addicting at first, but gets boring at the end

When I first got the game, it w really fun playing it and building better buildings. Once you build villa it gets really boring in the fact of that you ether have to buy buildings or build buildings. Then if you choose to buy then you just wait for long periods of time.

Fun but...

...there should be more than two towns. It gets kind of boring after a while.

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