Merge Town! App Reviews

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I find games like these oddly addictive but this one has wayyy too many ads for everything you do. Not worth it


In this app you spend more time in adds than playing the game


The first time I played this game I thought that i can play all day long but couldn’t because I had eat lunch and dinner or watch tv👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

So many ads!

Fun game, I really enjoyed it but the excessive ads became such a nuisance I deleted the game. Every time a screen changes, an ad would pop up. I understand the need for ads but it was so disruptive it took away the fun.

Love those game!!!

This game is so addicting and fun. Sometimes it glitches and freezes for a second but then you keep on playing. But overall this game is amazing.

It’s so fun

It is a great game I love it so much


This game is really addictive.


I have a suggestion for Gram Games. I think that it would be cool if you guys made a game like this with vehicles, for example, it could start with a motorcycle and then end in something like pickup truck.


If u like watching ads, you WILL like this ad simulator.

More Towns!

I absolutely love this game. It’s quietly and patiently rewarding, building my curiosity of what building will get unlocked with each iteration. The pace is perfect for me. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to unlock even more towns and experiences. Also, the music is spot on. Very zen.


I love this game so much!!! When you are bored this game is the one to play! It keeps you entertained for so long and is very additive! One more reason I love this game is because it barley has ads I was playing it for like an hour straight and only got 1 to 2 ads!

The ads

The games grate but the ads are kills me.😕😕😕😕

Soooooo Good!!!!!!

It’s been so much fun today with my best game.And it’s called MT.😂😂🙂🙂

Juri is the best

Best game ever

Good game

Keep working on more games like this country people love


The game has been deleted due to frequent advertisements and dense ads and almost every two minutes ممله بسبب كثرة الاعلانات بها كل دقيقتين والاعلان اجباري تم الحذف

App crashes every 10 seconds

Very bad, app crash occurs way too often and im not able to use the app

Too many ads

After all the reviews saying this game is nothing but fun, there’s just no way that’s true, this game has ads very frequently and encourages you to buy things with annoying pop ups that are positioned so you automatically click. Do not recommend.


I only played it for like... 2 weeks😐


Love this game, love this concept, love this execution. If there’s anything I would add, I would have a library of some sort that would show all of your buildings in order. If there’s anything I would get rid of it’s the adds that play during adds while playing adds. They. Never. Stop.

Too Many Ads

I think the game is entertaining but there are way too many ads

Unnecessary amount of ads

This game was addicting but I every time you click anything, you have to watch an ad. I had to delete it

Merge town

Awesome game


I. LOVE. THIS. GAME. But you force me to hate it. WHY ALL THE ADS! PLEASE CHANGE

The Awesome Merge Town

I rate this game a five out of five because most games are about random things...EXCEPT MERGE TOWN👍🏻👌🏻🙂👏😘🤗🌞☀️😄🧞‍♀️❤️🤭😮🐵😀😅😇😃😂🙂🙃🤣😄😁☺️😉😌😊😆😍😋😛😝😜🤪😚😙😗😘😍😋😛😝😜🤪😶🤛🤝🤟 All of those emojis are for who made Merge Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a great phone and it keeps on crashing when I play the game.

Add more towns please!!

This game is very simple and a great way to pass time and it can become very addictive. Ads can get annoying sometimes but if you ever make a purchase they go away which is helpful.

Good game

This is a good time killing game. Yes adds are a big constant part but they go by fast. My problem is on winter land I can’t merge a set of buildings to progress anymore. Any advice or a fix would be great.

This is ap for ads.

This game use to be ads to increase which is fine. But now the ads pop up every 30-60 seconds. Making you watch ads as much as you get to play. Very aggravating! Especially if u have to watch the same ad 10x in a row of a game that don’t interest you. Don’t understand how still rating close to a 5

Awesome app but....

Well I love this game . I have played this game for about 15 hours . It gets really really addicting. But then gets very very slow. It a good app but get ready for 10 days of saving up money. Ps. You can watch adds to get a free house which is good mechanic in the game but not when you press the button for the add and says “ sorry no adds and then you press the red X at the top right . Then blackout and a add starts 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯😭😭😫😩🤬🤬🤯 NO ADDS HUH.

Ads ads and more ads...

Starts out fine but once you get going, every time you try to do almost anything... a forced ad pops up. I had the game on my phone for about three hours... not under continuous use. First two hours were great... then the ads. The last hour was so annoying... I took the app off my iPhone. Nice thought... but it’s done now

Merge town

It’s the best game ever besides how you have to wait to get a house and buy them.

Awesome good

I got no ads 10\10 I love this best stress reliever (I have anxiety) I’ll defenily recommend to a friend


ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS this was a waste of 5 minuets of my life. I read the comments and thought they must be exaggerating about the adds but they not they are that many adds. Like this “game” is one of a kind alright its the first “game” that mimics TV if I wanted this many ads I would go watch tv. If you want money then remake the “game” this time have ads every once in a while.i though “games” like this are meant to make u relax you. But this “ game” does not relax it a attempt for fast money. I’m surprised that people pay even a dollar for this. OVERALL THIS “GAME” IS A WASTE OF SPACE AND TIME AND DONT GET ME STARTED ON BATTERY LIFE


Omg had it a day and can’t put the game down very addicting


... merge game I’ve found so far, but is there any way you could make at least look more like a town? Perhaps even a “ building” game? I love those, but most are too kiddish for me.

chill ab the ads

i read reviews that the ads r all bad but just turn off your wifi and cellular wen u go on the app and then you wont get any ads at all and you can just play the game. im addicted to this game its soooo good i cant stop playing it.

Too many ads

This game was fun at first but there are way too many ads. An ad would play every time you tried to do almost anything. I am deleting the app because of it.

Totally Awesome!

I was recommended this game by a friend and I totally love it. It’s so addicting and I just think it is so cool. One thing I don’t like are the ads. They have ran ad almost every time you switch to another island. But I think the game is totally worth it!

A random review

This game is so addicting! I love it SOOO much. I’d give it 5 stars. Keep up the good work!



The Best game ever


My only issue

You should be able to upgrade the boxes with game coins or cash from the game. Nit real money.


I love the app but the adds are just Obnoxious. GET RID OF THE ADDS!!!!!


I don’t really play games but this game is sooo so addicting and I love it very much!!💓

Super Lazy Developer

How hard is it to update the game with a few new buildings every month? I’m maxing out everywhere. If the developer is earning so much ad revenue, at least he can add one or two buildings per month to keep the game going...


Man this is super fun.Like if you go idle for a year SO MUCH CASH!!.So Realistic.

Pay to play game

Its fun at the beginning but becomes boring if you don’t upgrade the boxes, for that you have to pay, there is not way just to earn it with out paying.


Add a place we're u can view all the houses U have discovered otherwise I would put 5stars My rate is 4.9


I love he app I have gotten so far already but I would like there to be an update where the houses are different colors. Your other game (merge gems) is color cited and easier to tell which is which but in merge town it’s all the same color and hard to tell.

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