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Merge your love

Merge town is very cool and I love it so much it's awesome - Gabriella is the best

The best app

It is amazing I got you last week of gotten like 10 adds It’s so cool

Fun at first but the ads...

I played for about 2 mins until there was a porn ad and I deleted it so fast DO NOT GET

Battery issues

This game is really fun! It’s too bad that the ad spam means you have to disconnect WiFi and cell data to really play, but the worst part is that it was on my screen for 2.4 hours and it used 44% of my battery. I have literally never used an app that takes up so much battery. If this issue is fixed I will probably redownload the app.

My butt is throbbing!

Sorry but could someone please help, my butt hurts so bad that every time I go to tap things I have to itch it. Any one no of a good app for a butt scratching

What happened?

I miss the bears and robots and diamonds. This game used to be challenging and fun and now it's simple and addicting, and very ad intensive. They're just begging for money over a game that got worse!


I hope in coming update not lag

This is so addicting!!!😍😍😍

I love this game!!!😍😍😍 It is a good game to pass time in the car. There are so many houses and it's so much fun!!! I would totally recommend this game 👍😜😁😍😘🤗

This game is okay at best.

It’s a cool game but it’s TORTURE until u get a cabin. I mean my thumbs are about snap off. U have to tap ALOT!! Unless u want to wait 2 hours before u get any good houses. But in the bright side it’s a fun game.

Merge town

Merge town is so fun but sometimes I get bored of it but then I play it again

iPhone X Support?

It’s a great app, extremely addicting, and well designed (for the most part). I have just two complaints: 1. There are extra spaces (or missing spaces after period’s (.)) in menus and pop ups 2. There are two black bars - at the top and at the bottom of the display - on the iPhone X because the app has not been updated for it Fix that, and the app is perfect. Nice job!

It gets boring

I’ll ignore the ads in this short review, they have been completely covered by the ten gajillion ragers on the reviews. Okay, well this game is very satisfying and challenging. It’s a great time waster. But after a while it got really boring and it took too long to get big enough to merge houses. It gets boring, long, and dragged out. It’s fun but it gets annoying. 3.36 is my rating. Only because of the ads which I won’t talk about. Thanks for your time.

I love itKafka


Worst game ever

Do not get this game it is so boring it is nothing like the mini game the mini game was somewhat fun this is plain out boring I can’t give 0 stars so I pick one just know I mean 0 stars


Just turn on airplane mode and you won’t get ads It’s a pretty good game

Merge town’s rating

It is the best thing ever it is pretty addicting but other than that it is awesome

Please update for iPhone X

Please make compatible with iPhone X!

Too many ads!

Ads play for 30 seconds for the same game over and over every minute. There is no way to lose the game, it’s endless clickbait


I love this game sooo much! When my friends saw me playing on it, they said “ what is that game?? Can i try it??” When u did, i had to yank my phone out of their arms because they loved it so much. I really suggest getting this app! The only thing that I don’t like is how sunset land has to have 20 sec to make a box. But all in all, i love this game and will always be a fan You don’t get timed or anything like that too.


My dad hates this game because it has adds

This is my favorite game

I love the building and design but I am very disappointed in my experience with my own game

Fun game but mad me restart

At first the game was ver fun and I played it a lot. Soon, lots of ads appeared when I got very far into the game. One day I went on the game and it made me restart. My progress was all lost and I could find no way to fix it. Also, my in app purchase went away so I lost money from that too. I will not play this game unless there is a way to get my progress back.

Great for playing

Merge town is super fun and easy to play. Great deals but in sunset land takes too long to produce crates.


Great time for me being retired, good time not wasted for me.


Why do people complain about ads. It's just a small video that costs nothing to watch.

True title: MERGE ADS

Wow, can’t remember the last time I had to go thru sooo many ads, and many of them double click to close. Thumbs and big toes DOWN

Great game

Love it helps me fill up time

Way too many ad’s

I understand the need for developers to have ad’s on a “Free” game, I get it. But really, having an ad pop up each and EVERY single time you hit the store icon to buy a building and/or EVERY time you hit the icon to switch between cities is just ridiculous.


Unt unt

Enjoying the game

What would give it 5 stars is if there were more then just two boards


This is the best game ever thx for making it

Avoid ads

Just turn off you wifi and data

Play if you like adds

Way to many adds. The game itself is fun and i like the game, but you have to sit through Adds to do anything. Too many adds, i’m over the fun.

Too many ads

This game is the best game I've ever played but there are to many ads🐱🐱🐱😻😻😻😻😻

Good game

It’s really addicting, but my sisters get on it when i say not to an also the finger that want you to tap the box.can you add a password?

To many advertisements

I personally love this game. But it has way too many ads

Too many ads

The game is fun and addictive, and I understand it needs ads to stay free, the concept of watching video for coins and similar is super fine, but interrupting the gameplay every 30 secs to play a 30 sec ad is just too much. Ended up being just annoying, nothing else.

Liked at first

I downloaded this app this morning and liked playing it today, but between the exorbitant number of ads and the battery drain, I’m deleting it this evening. My phone died twice from playing this app

Too many ads

For some reason the game requires you to watch ads to open the shop and it gets annoying after long

It’s ok, but hard to see

I would suggest changing the colors of the houses. I’m on level 35 and it’s very hard to tell the difference between the building types. Maybe a story line to go along with the game to keep it interesting Also hard to see the buildings in the top row. They are partially hidden. The top bars need to move up just a little. Ok. I bought the upgrade and I was hoping it would fit better on the page, but it didn’t move. Please move that top bar where the level number is up just a smidge. I’m at building 37 of 38. Like the game and would like to give you 5 stars...

Best game ever!!!

I love this game it’s so easy to play and so addicting to play

Too many ads

Too many ads!!! I understand the the need for ads but you can even play for a minute without an ad popping up. I am deleting this game.


It’s really addicting and fun I enjoy it a lot!

I love this

I love this game but the adds or annoying

Pay to win mentality

Not only does this game make you constantly sit through ads, it locks upgrades behind a paywall. I got a "limited time offer" to pay 5 dollars to start off with a higher level building rather than start off at the normal level. There is no way to get that upgrade without paying and it is frustrating. Other than that it's a fun game.

Surprise boxes are pointless.

Surprise boxes give me the same thing as regular boxes 90% of the time...

Super ft!! ;) ;) :)

Awesome!! ;) ;) :) :)

Super awesome (and addictive)

Awesome game I recommend it to everyone I downloaded this game yesterday and I alread have a double modern villa (you’ll understand once you’ve played) play this it’s super fun


The game has a bad habit of being unable to find videos it suggests you watch, has tons of ads, and is prone to crashing which in my case lost all progress I had in game. I would not recommend!!!


I have tried to connect to app support. And it didn't work. While playing the game a porn ad popped up. Twice

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