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Good app

it’s a really 😎game a ❤️ it

Do they even update anymore

It was a fun little app when it started but once you get to the top it gets stale. Even the last update does nothing to exceed the max level. And don’t get me started on winter land. Once you get to the last merge then that’s is it.


This game is sooo addictive!!!

Don’t waste your time

Constant watch video to level up but then no Video is available. Game locks up a lot. Can’t play in landscape mode. The watch video never ends but then no video is available so you loose your chance for the bonus. If no video is available then there should be no pop up to accept. I’m deleting this game.


This game is fun in all...but there is just WAY to many ADDS in the game please end it.

Great but bugs

It’s slow when I play


The game was fun at first than I upgraded to SunsetLand or whatever its called. Every time I click on it to go the town it does and ad after ad after ad which is stupid my GreenLand Town is at level 52 and my SunsetLand Town is at 3 because I don’t want to watch the ads. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP!!!!!!!

Winter town broken

Offline income for winter town doesn’t work, it shows that you have some odd amount to take when you open it up but when you close the window it gives you nothing.


Maybe the only thing they need to fix is more islands. More places to merge things. Like right now they have three. But they should create some more. Otherwise this is a fun and addicting game

Very good

This is a very good app I love it! It is great!

Want Ads?


Dumb world

Negative coins are very annoying because of that one star. I hate losing coins in the ice world .

Remove forced video ads

I don’t mind banner ads, nor do I mind video ads if I’m getting something for it. The thing that kills this game and shows he greed of the company is having a video ad pop up if you go to the menu or switch islands. You can get rid of these with an in app purchase but we shouldn’t have to pay to remove something that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Note to devs: if you remove the forced video ads, you’ll actually make MORE revenue. These ads are too intrusive for anyone to continue playing the game for more than a day, and because of this no one is seeing your banner ads or optional video ads because so many people give up playing the game. Idle Balls and Make It Rain have this exact same issue. 5 Star game otherwise.


Its good!

Merge Town

Awesome game no problems at all

World record

I love merge tow I don't care about the ads I love no matter what it's fun it's awesome it should be in the book of world records

Ads who cares

Ads who cares, ads is what keeps the game free, I love the game and willing to watch the ads, so the ads may be a little annoying but it is worth it, I rather watch ads then buy a game and end up not liking a game and wasting a ton of money, I cannot afford to pay for the upgrades right now but I’m already on level 22 and plan to play a lot more, thanks for developing a fun and awesome game, I really enjoy it a lot.


This is the perfect game for a car ride! It’s such a fun and addicting game! I can easily just open the app to check on something and end up spending hours just playing it! I totally recommend downloading!

Ad merge

Should be the name of the game. Ads galore. If you are aiming to zen out it won’t work because you will see an ad If you are aiming to see what other crap games are out there, then this ad, I mean game, will tell you. Erasing now - I have h-ad it.


Ok not to good


Way too much ads which makes us not fun


I like it but there’s lotta ads and and it’s timed of boring sometimes because because there’s no levels there is just the one thing and when you get to a new level you have to start all over again it be better if you just start on the same level in a different thing like when you have the houses and then go to the beach I had to start all over again which was kind of sad and I think that maybe like in the dragons there to be a camp in different levels that you can go to that level one level two and level III because when you’re doing it now it’s kind of just like you just do it over and over again and there’s really not that much new exciting stuff and you think that you can learn it so that’s what I think about the damage there but maybe there could be something yeah and maybe to be a little bit more entertaining so thanks for making it

Merge Town

It’s a great game very addictive, there are SO MANY ADS!!! ITS SO ANNOYING.

Ads overdose

Gameplay is simple and straightforward, pretty enjoyable to be honest. But there’s too much forced ads in this game. Ads to upgrade, ads to use ingame currency, ads to access menu, ads to receive rewards. I spend more time watching all those forced ads then playing the actual game. Big thumbs down.

Good idea, but...

Starts out fun and satisfying, but quickly degenerates into an ad-riddled, cash-grabbing slog of a game.

Ads ads ads

Too many ads and it overheats my phone not even 30 seconds into playing it my phone somehow gets extremely hot and I have an iPhone X so it’s not like it’s an old phone


I just want to play the game! I hate all of the ads! I understand that’s the way you make your money and all but whenever I go into my other town there’s a 30 second long ad. Whenever I go to buy more houses there’s an ad. And whenever I go to do something that I have to watch an ad for there all out of ads so I can’t! But apart from that it’s an addicting fun app. My friends and I like to compete!

Good game just some minor issues

This is a great game and I love it. The only problem(s) is there are a RIDICULOUS amount of ads and some minor bugs. Other than that, this game if great👍🏻

Merge Town

I used to play this all the time it was so addictive. I stopped playing it and then here I am today playing it and now I am addicted to it again I can’t stop playing it now that I am playing it again!


This app is lit

I liked it better before...

When I downloaded this app a few months ago, it was fun because you could go to the next “village” without watching ads, and you could upgrade the box speed with FAKE MONEY. I liked it better that way cuz I don’t have much money. Please at least change the box speed thing, I don’t care if you change the ads.


I put my iPad on airplane so I don’t have to worry about ads

Good game

It's one of the games I love and it is taping game and I love those games

super addicting

wow this is such a fantastic app. it seriously scratches that OCD itch! the ads were super annoying, but this game was so totally worth the 5$ to remove ads. (and I don't usually pay for these things... but it was pretty well worth it... $3 would have been a nicer number tho. 😑) I like that the developers are still working on new areas now and then... the updates are nice. I can't really describe this game... it is basically just what it looks like. but it's SO. MUCH. FUN. I can't really explain it. if you know about "merge games", it is basically that. with houses. but there is NO BS. it is straight to the point, not convoluted AT ALL ("merge farm" for example, is SUPER convoluted). I love it. if you are not familiar with "merge games", then all I can say is give this one a try. you won't think you'll like it until you try it, I swear (that was me). sometimes the ads you play to get bonuses, will not play. which is annoying because that is the only way to get the bonus. that, and it needs a bit more "end game" if you know what I mean... maybe it just needs more areas to mess with. it just needs a LITTLE more SOMETHING, if you know what I mean.... other then that? it's pretty much great! I love the simplicity.

good app


Ok idle game but ads getting invasive

Was ok game for idle moments even with having to watch ads once in a while. But now the ads are getting more invasive and automatically moving away from the app instead of just playing an advert taking me to web pages and app pages for things I don’t want.

Too many ads!

It’s just ad after ad after ad and it’s super annoying, please lower the ads


I gave four stars because I knew a method that woud remove all the ads, the method is to turn off wi-fi, but I don't like when I have to switch wi-fi on and off, on and off, on and off.

Too much ads

It’s an okay games but there is a ridiculous amount of ads. It’s to much to the point that I don’t even want to play the game anymore

Needs more levels

I think you should add more like maybe a city or something


this game is terrible i hate it it takes too long to level up a house

Michael Corbo

This game is great it is fun like merge dragons it is addictive to just for houses to the people that made this game keep up the good work in achieving your dream to make video games

This isn’t a game

This is a video player that does nothing but play ads all day. Open the game: Ad Go to the menu: Ad Go to the shop: Ad Go to options: Ad Click ANYTHING: Ad Ads on the top of the game the whole time. This is a barely passable game which the idle gameplay elements aren’t fun and they want nothing more than to shove a ton of ads in your face.


Cool math game

Merge Town!

It's cool

Seemed fun...

Seemed like a typical tap tap kind of game. Decided to try it out. It keeps you entertained, but it gets boring very quickly. I mean gameplay is straightforward. Works to kill time, but the problem are the overwhelming number of ads. Short ads of 5 seconds mind you, but constant and almost every time you want to click on anything. Click to buy new houses, you get an ad. Click to change town, you get an ad. It’s not one ad every so often. It’s an ad about every minute or less. You really can’t switch towns more than 3 times without getting 2 ads in the process. I mean really, that’s too many, I would think. So thanks but no thanks. Uninstalling now.

Fun but...

The game is fun. But can’t tell you how disappointing that your told when you buy an upgrade the ads are removed. I bought three and the ads are still there. I’m gonna take up it up with iTunes for a refund.

The best game ever

This game is so fun and you need to add that when the box loads it needs to load faster plz fix plz update plz plz make this game even funnier 😍😍😍

Great game, lots of ads

This game is so much fun, and I love the anticipation of what your next building will be! But Merge town has WAY too many ads. Every time you click on something there is an ad for some game no one cares about. The game is super fun tho!!

2 things

1 WAY TOO MANY ADS 2 IN WINTERLAND the buildings freeze to fast i go for 10 min to play other things or live MY LIFE and i went back and EVERY FRICKIN BUILDING WAS FROZEN

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